DYHAS - Do You Have A Saddle

You might be asking yourself what is the name. If you have never owned a Dane then it seems silly, but those of us who had wish we could get a dollar every time we hear someone say "Nice Horse" or "Do you have a saddle for that thing." Get used to being accosted by people and explaining just how big they are.

About Me

Hello, my name is Jamie. I decided to build this site because I have a passion for Great Danes. I am not a breeder, nor am I an expert on all things Danes, I just love the big knuckleheads. My first Dane was Titan, and he came to me at a time in my life when I had just moved to a new area away from my family. In a place where I didn't have many friends, he ended up changing my life. I didn't know much about Great Danes at the time, just that I always wanted one. Strangely, when I was a young boy I was terrified by a Great Dane. My mother often took me to my uncles house where she would clean for some extra money, and of course she would drag me along. My uncle had a Harlequin Great Dane named Samson that scared me to death. One time, he come running up to me while outside in the backyard and of course being a kid I turned, screamed at the top of my lungs and ran. I made it about 5 feet before being tackled and I remember thinking I was a goner. Of course, now that I am older I realize he was just playing with me. Truth is, most Great Danes are gentle, amazing creatures. They are more likely to hurt someone or something in spite of themselves simply because they are so big and aloof. And so it often strikes me as being pretty strange that I would want one so badly when I got older but here I am, 12 years later, unable to imagine life without one. I hope you enjoy the site and I hope that I can offer some insight into how wonderful this breed is.

Hank at 6 months Hank as a puppy Hank at 1 year

Hank the Tank

Hank is our newest Dane. He is a Merle bought from show breeder Ohana Danes in VA. Hank is quite the character who still has a lot of puppy energy. He had some big shoes to fill when Titan left us, but he has helped to heal our hearts. He loves to lay on top of you and roll onto his back so he can have his tummy rubbed. So far he has only destroyed one shoe, which is pretty good for being over a year old already. Hank is a big boy, standing 36" at the shoulders. We just love him to death.

Titan in bed Titan on chair Titan tattoo


Titan was my first Dane and he was such a great dog. He went everywhere with us, including camping at Walt Disney World on several occasions. He was with me through quite a lot in his life time and was always there to cheer me up when I needed him. We lost him to hemangiosarcoma just 2 days before his 11th birthday on Dec. 22cd 2011. That was the worst Christmas ever, let me tell you and it got to me so much I decided to get a tattoo of him as a memorial. It took a toll on my wife and I and the one thing that I remember is just how quite the house was after. Even writing this makes me teary eyed thinking about him. We decided that life without a Dane was not the same and thats when we decided to get Hank. I know that when its my turn to go, I will no doubt feel his wet nose nudge me as I walk through those pearly gates.