Great Dane Breeding

Should you breed your Dane?

The simple short answer is funny enough a question: WHY?

There are thousands of Great Danes out there without homes due to over-breeding. The question you must ask yourself is why do you want to breed your Dane? To break it down for you here are the following reasons, why you should or should not want to breed.

Reasons NOT to breed
  1. MONEY: If you are breeding for money, you are not breeding for the right reason. Plain and simple! Chances are you care little for the breed and simply compound the problem of so many homeless dogs.
  2. Because your Great Dane is cute: Just because your dog is cute dosnt mean you should breed it. There could be numerous issues with your dog that are not present at the time of breeding, and without proper lineage and health tests you may produce a litter that has serious health issues. Are you prepared to stay up with your dog through the nights, find all of the puppies homes, honor contracts to potential buyers? Think about all of the responsibilities that go with it.. is it really worth it because your dog is cute?
  3. So your children can see the miracle of birth: If this is the case, make sure to take them to a dog pound so they can see the horror of death.
  4. Because you want more like your dog: We can understand when you love your dog as much as most of us do how you might want a clone. But to be honest, there is no such thing as a carbon copy. The same responsibilities apply to the "cute" arguments as well.
Reasons TO breed
  1. Showing: You want to get into showing your Great Danes.
  2. Because you love the breed and wish to better it through selective breeding.
If you fall into the right reasons, and you really wish to start breeding, here are some general guidelines.

Start by going to local dog shows and speaking to the Great Dane breeders you find there. Tell them you are interested in showing Danes and breeding, and that you wish to do it correctly. Most breeders will welcome your questions and help guide you on what to do. Be prepared to do a lot of research before even thinking about actually breeding. You should know the standard like the back of your hand and ask breeders how to gauge that a dog meets though standards. You may want to actually become a "handler" for them at a dog show. Put the time in and meet the people in the community to be the best possible breeder you can be.