So You Want A Dane?

So your ready to get your first Dane?

Owning a Great Dane comes with a lot of responsibility. There are many things you need to think of ahead of time before even thinking about owning this breed. We discuss the more important factors in additional tabs in this section but as a general overview you should take this little test to see exactly how ready you are.

  1. Do you want a dog that you can keep outside in a dog house?
    1. IF YES STOP! THE GREAT DANE IS NOT FOR YOU. Great Danes are sociable dogs that require family interaction. They do not do well left outside on their own and can actually become aggressive. Furthermore, their short hair provides them with little protection in the cold and heat. There are other breeds that are much better suited to be outdoor dogs.
    2. IF NO , Proceed to next question.
  2. Do you have enough money to feed such a big dog? On average between $50-$100 a month.
    1. IF NOT, Please reconsider your choice. Great Danes are large dogs, and while they do not eat as much as one would think, it is still substantially more than other dogs. We spend over $100 on dog food monthly. It should be noted that you CANNOT skimp on cheap food for a Dane. We talk more about this in the Nutrition section.
    2. IF YES, Proceed to the next question
  3. Do you have money for veterinary care?
    1. IF NOT, Please reconsider your choice. Great Danes cost more for veterinary care than an average size dog. Because of their size, they require more medicine (i.e. heart worm preventative, flea etc.) and will cost you more for any procedures requiring sedation.
    2. IF YES - Proceed to next Question
  4. Do you have a stable environment? Free from lengthy travel obligations, apartment restrictions, etc.
    1. IF NOT - You should rethink your choice of dog. Great Danes require close family interaction with a stable environment. Because of their size you have to consider that you simply cant drop them off at a neighbors. They can be difficult to travel with, although we took our to Disney several times. All said, a stable environment is important for any dog, not just a Great Dane.
    2. IF YES - Proceed to next question
  5. Do you have the room?
    1. IF NOT - You should understand that Great Danes are big dogs. While you don't require a mansion you will need to have enough room for your Dane to move around without bumping into everything. A tiny one room studio apartment in the city will not cut it for these big guys.
    2. IF YES Then continue reading below


You may have what it takes to own one of these wonderful dogs. But we are just getting started. The next step is education. DYHAS is here to help you understand all things Great Dane. Lets move on to the "Big" question.