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Great Dane Club of America
Great Dane Lady
All About Great Danes


Ohio State Study on Wobblers Syndrome

Nutrition/Skeletal Development
Growth and Sekeltal Development
Skeletal Diseases in Growing Dogs


Crate Training Guide

If you have never crate trained before, I highly recommend you consider it for you puppy. Here is a wonderful guide that explains how and why crate training is a good option.

Crate Training Tips for Puppies and Dogs

Potty Training Guide

Another great guide from Alexandra on how to potty train your pup.

Potty Training Tips for Puppies and Dogs

Barking Cesation Guide

Danes are not generally big barkers (unless someone rings the dreaded door bell), but in case your guy is a talker and you want to help calm him this is another very well done guide.

Easy Stop Dog Barking Tips

Gear - Things you will need

If you get a Great Dane there are some things you will need.


If you get a Dane, especially a puppy or young rescue you will need a crate. Crate training is important to a young dog as it acts as a sort of den for them. In addition, it will keep them from getting into trouble, or worst when you are not home. Great Danes require extra large crates to accommodate their growth. DYHAS recommends Midwest dog crates. We have used them for 12 years and they hold up well. You will need one at least 54" long. Don't make the mistake we made and go with the 48" only to have to go and buy the bigger one later.

Colossal Dog Crate
Primo Crate Pads - I have found these to be near indestructible and safe.

Raised Bowls

Raised feeding bowls used to be thought to stave off bloat. It is not clear if this is the case or not but raised bowls are necessary for a tall dog such as a Great Dane. It is hard on a Great Danes neck to have to eat from a bowl on the floor. There are many to choose from, we recommend going with one that is adjustable to accommodate your Dane as they grow. Amazon is a great source for these.

Raised Dog Bowls on Amazon